Do you know anyone who was hiking Eagle Creek Trail (Punch Bowl Falls) in March of 2009? Please contact us!

Our first order of business is to identify anyone who may have been hiking the day of the cliff fall.  Please let us know if you know anyone who may know anything.

We could also use photographs, videos, or any anecdotes about hiking conditions, trail running at the cables, other near misses or near falls, etc.

Also, we are looking for any general experiences with the Hood River Sheriff’s Office and handling of evidence.

Please contact Arnold Law at 541-338-9111 to share your experiences or comment here. Or send an email to M I K E , then the AT sign and then Arnold Law Firm (all one word), followed by dot com.  This is spelled out to prevent spam.

Mike Arnold, Attorney for Steve Nichols
Arnold Law
401 E. 10th Ave. Ste. 400
Eugene, OR 97401

Dog at the 2nd Cables at Eagle Creek Trial
Dog at the 2nd Cables at Eagle Creek Trail

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